The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

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ISBN-10: 0671791095
ISBN-13: 978-0671791094
Length: 221
Published On: 1980-02-29
MSRP: $7.95

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The motion picture that was made because millions of people demanded it!

This is the full, exhilarating story of a journey as exciting — and as grueling — as any the Starship Enterprise has ever taken — from the birth of Gene Roddenberry’s great idea to the completion of a great movie… a journey that carried cast, crew and hundreds of behind-the-scenes people as far as imagination, skill and the latest special optical effects technology could take them.

This is how it happened — the unexpected problems, the setbacks, the daily struggles and victories — from the reunion of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov and the rest of the crew to the final moments of triumph in… The Making of Star Trek – The Motion Picture