Hello! My name is Adam, but I go by Tiki God on the internets, and I’ve worked very hard to put together this list of Star Trek books and news, and I’m happy you’ve stopped by for a visit.  Please let me know if you know of any books to add or news updates to share. You can email me at :

How do I add a book?
Send it to me! Either by email: adam@tikiwebgroup.com or find me on Discord.

How many books are there on this site?
Well over 1,400 books are on this site.

What order should I read these books in?
That’s a question that’s been well chewed over by Trekkies and I hesitate to make my own recommendations, if only because so many others have worked very hard on their own reading lists.

Here’s three of the best reading order lists that I know of:

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