Hello! My name is Adam, but I go by Tiki God on the internets, and I’ve worked very hard to put together this list of Star Trek books and news, and I’m happy you’ve stopped by for a visit.  Please let me know if you know of any books to add or news updates to share. You can email me at :

How do I add a book?
Send it to me! Either by email: adam@tikiwebgroup.com or find me on Discord.

How many books are there on this site?
Well over 1,400 books are on this site.

Can I track my collection here?
Yes, but I’m not really 100% happy with how the site is doing this right now.  Currently, you can add the story to your collection, just click on “add to collection” whilst on the synopsis page.  If you want to add a specific version of the book, click on the cover, then when you’re on the version detail page, click the same type of link that says “add to collection”.  Right now there’s no add more than one copy and there’s no way to indicate what condition your copy is in.  I know that my collection goals is to own every version of every story and I’m running into having beat up versions of books that need to be replaced, but I’m not sure which is one.  One day I’ll have a solution for this on the site, likely something hand crafted.

What order should I read these books in?
That’s a question that’s been well chewed over by Trekkies and I hesitate to make my own recommendations, if only because so many others have worked very hard on their own reading lists.

Here’s three of the best reading order lists that I know of:

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