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Keith R.A. DeCandido on The Writer’s Pane
“Star Trek: The Next Generation: 3 A Time To Sow” Review by Trek Lit Reviews
Dayton Ward is Tied Up With Tie-Ins!
“Star Trek: The Next Generation: 9 A Time For War, A Time For Peace” Review by Literary Treks
Science Fiction Author Vonda N. McIntyre, Official Obituary
2019 Scribe Award Nominees
In Praise of Expanded Universes
Peter David on Startrek.com discussing “Star Trek: New Frontier – Blind Man’s Bluff”
Keith R.A. DeCandido on Unreality-sf.net discussing “Tie In Novels”
David Mack on Unreality-sf.net discussing “Star Trek: Destiny”
Margaret Wander Bonanno on Unreality-sf.net discussing “Shards and Shadows”
David A. McIntee on Unreality-sf.net discussing “Star Trek and Doctor Who”
Vonda N. McIntyre on Geekchocolate.co.uk discussing “Star Trek”
Keith R.A. DeCandido, David Mack, Matt Forbeck, James Swallow, Robert Greenberger on Bookgasm.com discussing “Future Dream Projects”
Dayton Ward and & David R. George III on Treklit.com discussing writing for Star Trek
“Star Trek: Discovery: The Enterprise War” Review by Trekmovie.com
Una McCormack on Taylornetworkofpodcasts.com discussing “The Way To The Stars”
“Star Trek: Destiny Book 1: Gods Of Night” Review by Treklit.com
“Star Trek: The Original Series: The Captain’s Oath” Review by Scifibulletin.com
“Star Trek: The Next Generation: 8 The Captains’ Honor” Review by Shastrix.com
“Star Trek: The Original Series: Child of Two Worlds” Review by Motionpicturescomics.com
Dayton Ward on Podcasts.apple.com discussing “Star Trek: Kirk Fu Manual”
“Star Trek: The Next Generation: 6 A Time To Hate” Review by Motionpicturescomics.com
Steve Mollmann’s Detailed Dive Into Trek Fonts
“Star Trek: More Beautiful Than Death” Review by Scifibulletin.com
2021 Scribe Award Nominees
“Star Trek: Picard — Rogue Elements” Review by Blog.trekcore.com
“Star Trek: Coda, Book 1 – Moments Asunder” Review by Borg.com
“Star Trek: Picard — Rogue Elements” Review by Lessaccurategrandmother.blogspot.com
RIP Diana G. Gallagher

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