Steve Mollmann’s Detailed Dive Into Trek Fonts


Steve Mollmann has posted two delightfully in depth looks at the history of fonts for Star Trek, with a specific focus on the books:

What launched this whole series was actually me thinking about Star Trek books. In the old days, Star Trek books weren’t quite so branded. The original Star Trek book, James Blish’s 1967 book originally known as just Star Trek (later printings would dub it Star Trek 1), used a font reminiscent of the tv one, but not the actual one. (Based on messing around with font identifier sites, I think this is something called “BF Anorak Condensed Bold Italic,” except that Anorak is a 1999 creation, so I am assuming it’s a knock-off of a vintage font I can’t identify.)

The second post is much more modern:



Adam Selvidge
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