Star Trek Reader’s Reference to the Novels: 1990-1991: Volume 6

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On The Cover: ISBN-10: 1449022731
ISBN-13: 978-1449022730
Length: 264
Published On: 2009-10-29

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Research continues in this sixth effort to collect information from the novels of 1990-1991. Associate with new aliens like Obo, a Belandrid who’s a wiz at mechanics, the; At. who appear to be “warm stone;” Midgwins, Kaldorni, and Dombraatu, now extinct. Meet new villians like Harnessad Dreem seeking revenge on Spock, the blue-eyed Klingong assassin Klass, and old ones who confront Enterprise. Visit new worlds: Zebulon-Theta with no life forms larger than coyotes; Hellsguard a Romulan laboratory; Lahit a homeworld of three distinct sentient beings; Octavius Four; and Kalajia Seven. Expand your knowledge about Captain Pike’s first contact; John C. Kirk, a World War II fighter pilot; Captain Kirk’s dishonorable discharge from StarFleet; and the adventures of Scotty, Sulu and Chekov in their distant past. Read biographies of Christopher Pike, his Number One, and Janice Rand. Discover Sarek’s first name and Spock’s full name. Read about Sulu’s babies, Uhura’s participation in Pan-American games, and Kirk’s three wives. Study the Klingong game, similar to chess with a deadly version and be concerned with Kirk’s disembodiment. Learn more about plat tow (7 pages) and pon far (5 pages). Meet the diversity of sentient representative in Enterprise’s crew. And discover the secret Vault beneath StarFleet Command Headquarters. Enjoy the latest collected informationg about the continuing missions.