Strange Novel Worlds

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ISBN-10: 1476693196
ISBN-13: 978-1476693194
Length: 244
Published On: 2024-07-11
MSRP: 55.00 USD

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Since the publication of the first James Blish novelizations of Star Trek episodes in 1967, close to 900 tie-in novels, anthologies, and omnibus editions have been published. Star Trek tie-in novels have had a significant influence on Western popular culture. The works of beloved science fiction authors have shaped the way fans understand Star Trek and its universe, and many stand as near equal builders of the Star Trek franchise, next to Gene Roddenberry, his producers, and the many creators of the later series. With such a vast and varied body of work, tie-in books form a rich and deep cultural phenomenon, the history and content of which are worthy of concerted study.

Despite the enduring popularity of the franchise they are based on, no previous essay collection has ever focused on the numerous and widely diverse books of Star Trek tie-in novels. This collection does just that by examining the tie-in works as relevant literature. The essays primarily focus on tie-in books published from 1990 to 2022, and each author discusses the plot and context of separate novels while simultaneously exploring major themes such as canon vs. fanfiction and merits of the genre. The collection ends with an exploration of the continuity of this period of Star Trek as it stands following a narrative conclusion announced in 2021.