Derek Tyler Attico on discussing “THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENJAMIN SISKO”

Derek Tyler Attico was recently featured on to discuss THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENJAMIN SISKO: WeeklyTrek had the opportunity to chat with Attico ahead of the debut of Titan Books’ The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko, and here are the highlights of our discussion. You can also listen to the full, extended conversation in the WeeklyTrek […]

Robb Pearlman and Jordan Hoffman on discussing “The Star Trek Book of Friendship”

Robb Pearlman and Jordan Hoffman were recently featured on to discuss The Star Trek Book of Friendship: Across near-60 years of Star Trek history, the franchise has brought fans a large roster of great friends, from the good-natured ribbing between Spock and Dr. McCoy, to the supportive Burnham and Tilly, to the generation-spanning connection […]

Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson on discussing “No Man’s Land”

Kirsten Beyer was recently featured on to discuss No Man’s Land: Starring Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd as their Trek characters, Seven of Nine and Raffi Muskier, the story from Picard co-creator Kirsten Beyer and longtime Trek comics writer Mike Johnson sees the pair on a mission into Romulan territory — while also navigating […]

David Mack on discussing “Oblivion’s Gate”

David Mack was recently featured on to discuss Oblivion’s Gate: The world-ending Star Trek: Coda trilogy draws to a close this week with the publication David Mack’s Oblivion’s Gate, which concludes 20 years of literary continuity across most of the Star Trek novels published since the early 2000s — and it is a huge […]