Star Trek Books Coming In The Next 30 Days, as of June 13th, 2023

Fiction – no fiction to be released in the next 30 days 🙁


Theology and Star Trek (Theology, Religion, and Pop Culture)
June 15, 2023After Star Trek: Enterprise concluded in 2005, Star Trek went on hiatus until the 2009 film Star Trek and its sequels. With the success of these films, Star Trek returned to the small screen with series like Discovery, Picard, and Strange New Worlds. These films and series, in different ways, reflect cultural shifts in Western […]
The Director Should’ve Shot You: Memoirs of the Film Trade
June 20, 2023The #1 New York Times–bestselling prolific author recounts his storied career as one of the top novelizers of films and television in Hollywood. Author Alan Dean Foster is a Grand Master of Media Tie-In Fiction. He has written both original tie-ins and script novelizations since the 1970s, bringing his straightforwardness—a favorite to readers but a […]
A Different Trek: Radical Geographies of Deep Space Nine (Cultural Geographies + Rewriting the Earth)
July 1, 2023A different kind of Star Trek television series debuted in 1993. Deep Space Nine was set not on a starship but a space station near a postcolonial planet still reeling from a genocidal occupation. The crew was led by a reluctant Black American commander and an extraterrestrial first officer who had until recently been an […]


Star Trek #9
June 14, 2023After a surprise encounter with the adrenaline-jacked Red Path during their infiltration of the hidden Cardassian facility, the Theseus’ crew must recover the Orb of Destruction-and make it out alive-if they’re to put a stop to Kahless’ bloody reign. But with Captain Sisko standing trial on Cardassia Prime with Commander Data by his side, can […]
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Echoes #2
June 14, 2023With the fugitive criminal Akris having escaped into Romulan space, Nyota Uhura and the crew of the USS Enterprise must quickly devise a plan if they’re to prevent an alliance between the agent of chaos from a parallel universe and one of the Federation’s most dangerous enemies.
Star Trek Library Collection, Vol. 1
June 14, 2023Delve into the history of over 400 issues of IDW’s Star Trek comics! Discover series you may have missed or revisit some old favorites from The Original Series, The Next Generation, Kelvin Timeline, and more! Starting with the Kelvin Timeline and the prequel that led into the 2009 Star Trek movie, Countdown details the origin […]
Star Trek: Defiant #5
July 5, 2023Captain Worf struggles to maintain order among the Defiant’s crew with the addition of two reluctant new recruits, causing friction on board the stolen vessel. And with Klingon adrenaline still surging through Kahless’ veins, the need to find-and stop-him has never seemed so urgent.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Dog of War #4
July 5, 2023Captain Benjamin Sisko leads a stealth mission to recover the station’s beloved puppy, Latinum, and the missing Borg interface. But what he and his crew discover aboard the enemy craft has the potential to arm the Dominion with an alarming power over the Federation in an already costly war.
Star Trek #10
July 12, 2023Don’t miss out on the lead up to the Day of Blood crossover event between the Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant ongoing series! Lieutenant Shaxs receives visions from the Bajoran Prophets. He sees his past and his future, and he sees the trial of Benjamin Sisko. The crew of the Theseus must fight their […]
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Echoes #3
July 12, 2023Akris-a maniacal doppelganger of Chekov from a parallel universe-has begun working with the Romulans on a superweapon with a promise to reduce the Federation and its allies to ash. And with half the bridge crew in Romulan custody, it’s up to Spock and McCoy to hold down the ship and devise a plan to get […]
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