2022 Year in Review

We told you about 82 books that were published this year, and 315 reviews from these great sites:

In the year 2022 there were 638 posts, with 4 comments. Our top author was with 0 posts, and the #1 commenter was drjoe99999, who submitted 1 comments!

2022’s Top Commenters:

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2022 In Memoriam:


2022’s Best Comments:

1 votes: drjoe99999 on New Book Added: “Star Trek Story Telling: From The Original Series to Star Trek: Picard: Do You Have What it Takes to Write in the Roddenberry Universe?”:
Hi Friends: Thank you so much for listing my newest Kindle book in your book club. I believe your readers should like it, too. The book itself is a mix of a behind-the-scenes look at what the best writers have done so well in Star Trek storytelling, how freelance writers have made their mark in the franchise and a tutorial on how to write your own non-fiction book. Best of health and luck in 2022, Trekkers! Live long and prosper, Dr. Joe

1 votes: david on Star Trek Book Deals For Februry, 2022:
Star Trek Nation eBook will be free to download on February 4th 2022: STAR TREK NATION : An Englishman’s view of America (Science and Society) – Kindle edition by Smith, Lyndon. Humor & Entertainment Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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