Nichelle Nichols, ‘Lt. Nyota Uhura’, Dies at 89

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Deadline is reporting that Nichelle Nichols has passed at age 89.  She had recently stopped public appearances due to health concerns, so this isn’t a sudden surprise, but it’s still sad news to hear.  In terms of books, she only had one Trek related one to my knowledge: Beyond Uhura – Star Trek and Other Memories.  While she didn’t have a large book catalog, she was responsible for a large number of minorities joining the various STEAM fields and she worked directly with NASA to bring in viable candidates through her company “Women in Motion”, which is close to the name of the documentary about her efforts named “Woman In Motion“, it’s well worth your time if you haven’t seen it yet.

Among her many pursuits was music, here’s one of my favorite tracks:


no profile Nichelle Nichols, ‘Lt. Nyota Uhura’, Dies at 89
Author: Adam Selvidge

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