Trek 25th Anniversary Celebration

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ISBN-10: 1556982909
ISBN-13: 978-1556982903
Length: 152
Published On: 1991-03-01

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In this 25th anniversary of Star Trek, journey into both the past and future of this remarkable vision of mankind’s destiny.

They said it wouldn’t last, and after its cancellation in 1969 it looked as if it wouldn’t. But the fans refused to let it die. Today, 25 years after it was created, Star Trek thrives as never before.

Trek: 25th Anniversary Celebration explains the enduring phenomenon beginning in 1966 and continuing on into the future. Journey from cancellation to revival, from revelation of its after life in conventions to its triumphant return in 1979 on the wide screen and its continuation onto a Next Generation. Visit the tributes at the Smithsonian and the Movieland Wax Museums. Witness Leonard Nimoy get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1985. Go behind the scenes of the motion picture series and The Next Generation. Finally, learn the future of Star Trek beyond its 25th anniversary. The series may still be going strong for its 100th anniversary in 2,066, continuing to prove the enduring power of Star Trek.