Star Trek The Roleplaying Game: Return to Axanar / The Four Years War

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ISBN-10: 0931787785
ISBN-13: 978-0931787782
Length: 108
Published On: 1986-01-01

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The crew of the USS Cooper were long overdue for some R&R at Star Base 23. Even the ship needed some work after the long patrol. Then new orders carne in. Now the Cooper had to transport some scientist to Axanar, site of the first battle between the Federation and the Klingons in the Four Years War. The trip would take months, in travel time alone. No scientific theory could possibly be important enough to tie up a destroyer for so long. Or could it? This adventure module also includes a separate book that details The Four Years War. Essays by Federation experts on Axanar, the major battles, and the political, social, and economic factors are included.