Net Trek: Your Guide to Trek Life in Cyberspace

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ISBN-10: 0679761861
ISBN-13: 978-0679761860
Length: 387
Published On: 1995-04-11

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Net Trek, by the creators of the bestselling Net Guide, Net Games, Net Chat, and Net Money, is your program guide to the newest form of Trek entertainment and fandom — the Net!

Episode guides. Find your favorite Kirk and Spock plots! Keep track of Picard!

Trek chat. Let Trek fans everywhere (and Paramount too) know what you think! Don’t be shy.

Role-playing. Be a Klingon, a Ferengi, or a Trill. Command your own Starship. Make it so!

Picture archives. Discover the millions of Trek images online, from the classic Enterprise to this year’s model — the USS Voyager.

Online conventions. Hear Trek stars speak, collect Trek memorabilia, pick up the latest gossip, all from your own PC.

Trek tech. Phasers. Holodecks. Transporters. Warp drives. Replicators. All this Treknology and more!

Timelines. Get your stardates right.

Trek cousins. Star Wars, Babylon 5, Alien, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Highlander, Mystery Science Fiction Theater 3000 — blast off to the sci-fi universe.

Voyager. The latest! Follow Trek’s space exiles home from the Delta Quadrant.