Deep Space Crew Book

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ISBN-10: 1556983352
ISBN-13: 978-1556983351
Length: 193
Published On: 1994-03-01

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Commander Benjamin Sisko, Lt. Jadzia Dax, Chief Operations Officer, Miles O’Brien, First Officer Kira Nerys and the rest of the cast of Deep Space Nine are all profiled in this detailed acount of the actors and characters that comprise Paramount’s latest addition to the Star Trek universe.

Charting the history of each character, the Deep Space Crew Book explores each character’s past, their relationship to one another and how they fit into the future-history of the Federation.

Loaded with interviews and candid off-set pictures, the Deep Space Crew Book also gives you an inside, in-depth look at the actors who bring Deep Space Nine to life. Discussing their own history as well as their interpretations of their characters, the actors provide a unique perspective of this unique television show.