Dayton Ward on discussing “Destiny”

dayton ward Dayton Ward on Unreality discussing Destiny

Dayton Ward was recently featured on to discuss Destiny:

The Destiny trilogy left the Star Trek universe in a shambles, leading to the rise of a new power bloc, the Typhon Pact, in A Singular Destiny. Now, some of Trek literature’s most lauded writers have cast a spotlight on that alliance in the Typhon Pact miniseries. Among them is Dayton Ward, who’s contributed the final book, Paths of Disharmony. He kindly agreed to talk to Unreality SF about the book, the state of the Star Trek universe after Destiny, his upcoming works in the Vanguard series, and his original endeavours.

Check out the Dayton Ward author page to view other sightings and a full list of books!

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no profile Dayton Ward on Unreality discussing Destiny
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