“Phasers on Stun!: How the Making–and Remaking–of Star Trek Changed the World” Review by Locusmag.com

Locusmag.com has added a new review for ‘s “Phasers on Stun!: How the Making–and Remaking–of Star Trek Changed the World”:

Star Trek’s original series lasted 79 episodes. Amazingly, there are now more non-fiction books about said franchise than there are indi­vidual episodes of the classic show. Many of the well over one hundred Trek non-fiction books focus either on individual shows and movies or specific themes and subjects, but a handful use their viewscreens panoramically and attempt to give a full sense of Trek’s half-century. One such is Ryan Britt’s Phas­ers on Stun!, probably closest in scope, and even title, to Marcus Berkmann’s Set Phasers to Stun: 50 Years of Star Trek (2016). Britt doesn’t break a lot of new ground with this book, but offers enough distinctive characteristics to avoid becoming a mere transporter duplicate, and will likely prove engaging to modern readers or newbies.

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Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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