The History of Trek

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ISBN-10: 1556983093
ISBN-13: 978-1556983092
Length: 145
Published On: 1992-02-01

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A narrative history of a phenomenon.

Perhaps no television series in the nearly 50 year history of the medium has had as much written about it as Star Trek, but perhaps that is because there is so much to say. Even when the series was first airing in the Sixties, a book was already on the stands chronicling its behind-the-scenes creation. And after the show was cancelled in 1969, people continued to write about it, actually increasing interest in the series until it returned in the form of a $40 million feature film in 1979.

The History of Trek tells the incredible tale of a television series that limped through three seasons and changed the world. Now only are the origins of the original series revealed in interviews with cast and creative staff; not only is the fascinating story of the series that almost was told; not only does the book take the reader behind the scenes for six movies and an entire new series of Next Generation adventures…but the real life adventure is also uncovered. Astronauts and scientists were inspired by the amazing stories. Artists and writers turned to their crafts after watching the most inspirational adventure series in the history of television.

This is a unique book told by James Van Hise, perhaps the only writer who could have told it. Van Hise published his first magazine devoted to Star Trek over a decade ago and has continued his fascination, and his chronicling, of the series ever since. Now he creates his magnum opus, virtually a love letter to a most deserving show.