Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Unauthorized Story

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ISBN-10: 1556983603
ISBN-13: 978-1556983603
Length: 161
Published On: 1993-06-01

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  • Biographies of the major characters
  • Exclusive profiles of the actors and actresses
  • Complete episode guide
  • Behind-the-scenes story of the creation of the newest Trek

Months before his death, Gene Roddenberry consulted with Next Generation producers Rick Berman and Michael Piller about a spin-off idea. After his death, Paramount announced plans for a third version of Star Trek. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiered in January 1993 and delivered characters and stories as engrossing as previous versions of Star Trek.

Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Unauthorized Story explores the new series, including detailed episode by episode examinations, biographies of all cast members, and profiles of major characters. The book also reveals how the series was created and the many forms it passed through before it was ultimately brought to the small screen. The book steps behind the scenes to uncover the making of the exciting new series.

Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Unauthorized Story is an exciting addition to the bookshelf exploring the newest addition to the Star Trek mythos.