Trek in the 24th Century: The Next Generation and Deep Space

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ISBN-10: 1556983387
ISBN-13: 978-1556983382
Length: 260
Published On: 1994-11-01

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A fascinating look at the future of Star Trek.

Seven years of Star Trek – The Next Generation and two years of Deep Space Nine built on what came before, and, set 75 years beyond the time of the original Star Trek series, added many changes.

New technology offers a new look and new capabilities. While space stations appeared on Star Trek before, none looked like Deep Space Nine. The future shared by The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine includes many new planets and cultures.

Is Deep Space Nine truly the successor of The Next Generation and Star Trek it was intended to be? What about Star Trek Voyager? And what will the future of The Next Generation be on the giant movie screen?

For the first time, this and other questions about the two Star Treks of the 24th Century will be answered in Trek In the 24th Century: The Next Generation and Deep Space. Plus an early look at the new Star Trek Voyager.