The Double Vision of Star Trek: Half Humans, Evil Twins, and Science Fiction

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ISBN-10: 0940895420
ISBN-13: 978-0940895423
Length: 280
Published On: 1998-09-30

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Star Trek’s undiscovered country

From the half-human Spock, to the “half-Borg” Seven of Nine, Star Trek is riven by inner conflicts — often unacknowledged. But it is only by examining these contradictions and paradoxes — the “doubleness” of Trek — that we can understand this popular TV/film series. Here’s a guided romp through Trek’s alternative universes — individual episodes and films, the people behind Trek, and the unexpected implications of Trek’s “double vision.”

Time to remodulate the Heisenberg Compensator!

Trek is as unpredictable as anything Dr. Heisenberg ever tried to measure:

The classic Trek conflict pits “logic” versus “emotion”: but on which side of the debate does Trek finally come down?

Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future promotes tolerance for all species, right? Try telling that to the Borg.

The Prime Directive is about protecting cultural freedom — but by restricting the culture of those at whom it is directed!

Which is finally “The Cage” for Trek: fantasy, or reality?

Trek is always asking “What does it mean to be human?” Does Trek have any answers to its own questions?

This book draws back the curtain to show what goes on behind Star Trek’s boldly-going. A fascinating read for any discerning fan.
– Phil Farrand, author of The Nitpicker’s Guides to Star Trek and The X-Files

Trekkers, SF fans, and students of pop culture will be intrigued by this exploration of the mythic, philosophic and generic dimensions of Trek.
– William D. Romanowski, author of Pop Culture Wars: Religion and the Role of Entertainment in American Life

Mike Hertenstein has tackled a closely-meshed topic and teased it out.
– Tom Howard, author of C.S. Lewis: Man of Letter