Star Trek Discovery: The Book of Grudge: Book’s Cat from Star Trek Discovery

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STAR TREK: DISCOVERY through a cat’s eyes: find out what Grudge the  cat really thinks of the planets, the ships and all of the people she meets in the course of her travels.

Grudge is a “Queen,” and she knows it. Everyone – her so-called owner, Cleveland “Book” Booker, Michael Burnham, Ryn, Zareh, and Tilly – bows down to her, some more willingly than others. And nothing, not extended periods in space, not ship-rattling attacks from enemies, rattles her. Ever. She’s a cool kitty with a ’tude. We call it “Cattitude.”

As a cat, Grudge, has a particular take on the universe, her seeming indifference masking a wit as sharp as her claws.

  Wit and wisdom of STAR TREK from a whole new point of view.

  Scrap-book style and packed with off-beat observations, thoughts and universal facts.

  A combination of illustration, and photography from STAR TREK: DISCOVERY SEASON 3.