Making More Fake Star Trek: The True Story of a Star Trek Fan Film with The Real George Takei

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Published On: 2020-02-14
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Imagine getting to live out the adventure of a lifetime, twice.

In this follow-up to the immensely popular Making Fake Star Trek, we continue the behind-the-scenes story of making a Star Trek fan film with a new episode, guest starring another Trek alum, the legendary George Takei.

This time John and Andy find themselves on separate adventures and dealing with new turmoil as they film “World Enough and Time.” A new director takes command and immediately begins to shake things up. His first decision? Fire New Voyage’s young Sulu.

Meanwhile, Andy, fresh off his star spotlight as young Chekov, now finds his character reduced to a brief, forgettable, on-screen cameo. To give his trip out to Port Henry purpose, he decides to write and direct an original vignette. A choice loaded with unintended consequences.

More drama, more problems, more insanity. This is Making More Fake Star Trek.

Featuring a foreword by George Takei.