Eaglemoss Graphic Novel Collection #7: The Official Motion Picture Adaptation

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Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection Volume 7 is a bold reimagination of STAR TREK, featuring familiar faces in an entirely new timeline of the 2009 HIT MOVIE, directed by J.J. Abrams presenting Star Trek: The Official Motion Picture Adaptation.

IDW’s six-issue miniseries explores the events of the 2009 blockbuster, including material that was cut from the film. Together with STAR TREK: Countdown and Nero, it provides a deeper insight into this brand new approach to the world of STAR TREK.

This Star Trek: The Official Motion Picture Adaptation graphic novel is beautifully presented in hardback with brand new introductions, this series is a must for any Star Trek fan.


  • This is not an adaptation of "The Motion Picture" but of the movie named just "Star Trek" that was released in 2009.