Eaglemoss Graphic Novel Collection #25: After Darkness

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Published On: 2017-12-06

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STAR TREK: Ongoing, continue to follow the adventures of the crew of the Enterprise in their new, rebooted Universe.

After the events of STAR TREK: Into Darkness, the tension between the Federation and the Klingon Empire is higher than ever. Due to the Enterprise’s mission to Qo’nos to capture Khan, the Klingons are considering an all-out war. On the top of that, the relationship with the Romulans and the Gorn also show some strain, while the Enterprise’s crew faces a more personal conflict as well when Spock goes insane with Pon farr.

The story also provides a peek into the lives of some of the crew members again – we get to see how Scotty ended up in Starfleet, and how Sulu and Chekov became friends.