“These Are the Voyages: TOS: Season 1 Revised and Expanded Edition” Review by Pjmedia.com

Pjmedia.com has added a new review for and and and ‘s “These Are the Voyages: TOS: Season 1 Revised and Expanded Edition”:

Star Trek, as Marc Cushman writes in the first volume of These Are The Voyages, his trilogy exploring the tumultuous production history of each of the series’ three seasons, whose release was authorized by Star Trek producers Gene Roddenberry and Robert Justman, made it on the air in spite of itself. Each book documents the overarching questions most fans have about each season of Star Trek. For season one, Cushman explores how a show like Star Trek was able to get on the air, in the culturally conservative (though politically liberal) media overculture of the 1960s.

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Adam Selvidge
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