These Are the Voyages: TOS: Season 1 Revised and Expanded Edition

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Published by:
ISBN-10: 0989238121
ISBN-13: 978-0989238120
Length: 668
Published On: 2013-11-15

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These are the Voyages: TOS, Season One contains hundreds of previously unpublished insights and recollections from actors, directors, producers, and production crew, capturing what went on from every perspective, including memos dictated by Roddenberry while reading drafts to the series scripts. The book offers a unique look behind-the-scenes in the form of original staff memos, contracts, schedules, budgets, network correspondence, and the censor reports from NBC.
These are the Voyages creates the opportunity for readers to transport themselves back in space and time to witness the true history of Season One of Star Trek: TOS.

Go behind the closed doors of NBC, Desilu/Paramount, the producers’ offices, the writers’ room, the sound stages and shooting locations, and learn the actual facts behind all the blood, sweat, tears, politics, and spellbinding creativity that brought Star Trek into being…and changed the Sci Fi world.