“Star Trek: Prometheus: Fire With Fire” Review by Unreality-sf.net

Unreality-sf.net has added a new review for and ‘s “Star Trek: Prometheus: Fire With Fire”:

I have a theory that taking something slowly reveals the quality of its pacing. For example, I am against binge-watching: Netflix TV shows might debut whole seasons on a single day, but I watch them one episode at a time, giving myself time to digest what’s going on. With a well-paced show, this enhances the experience (e.g. Stranger Things Season One), but with a poorly paced show, this reveals how little is happening in each individual episode (e.g. Stranger Things Season Two). Audiobooks do the same thing to prose works, since reading a book aloud takes much longer than reaching a book to one’s self. With a book where every word and scene counts, an audio reading enhances the experience (e.g. Human Nature), but with a slow book, an audiobook makes the experience even slower.

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Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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