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Unreality-sf.net has added a new review for ‘s “Star Trek: The Original Series: Crisis of Consciousness”:

In Crisis of Consciousness, Dave Galanter‘s latest contribution to the line of Original Series novels, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise are dispatched to ferry the ambassador of the Maabas — normally a rather xenophobic race — back to his home planet after signing a treaty with the Federation. Shortly after reaching the ambassador’s home system, the Enterprise is attacked by a mysterious alien race called the Kenisians, claiming to be the original inhabitants of the planet the Maabas took refuge on a long time ago and demanding their planet back. When they manage to get the Kenisian ambassador Zhatan on board to meet with the Maabas’ ambassador, it becomes clear that the Kenisians are somehow related to the Vulcans, and have adopted an ancient Vulcan ritual to keep their ancestors’ “souls” alive by integrating them with the minds of the current generation. After a telepathic attack on Kirk by Zhatan it becomes obvious that the situation won’t be solved as easily as Kirk hoped…

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Adam Selvidge
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