“Star Trek: Prometheus: The Root of All Rage” Review by Unreality-SF

Unreality-SF has a review up for  and ‘s “Star Trek: Prometheus: The Root of All Rage“:

The beginning of the novel features repeated conversations where characters complain to each other that the Prometheus hasn’t actually uncovered much about the terrorist attacks it was tasked to investigate in Fire With Fire. This kind of thing takes up something like the first two hours of the book, and it just highlights how poorly paced these novels are. Even the characters agree with me! It doesn’t help that when things do happen, they’re largely identical to what happened in Book One. In Fire With Fire, the Prometheus and Bortas investigated by sending away teams down to a Renao planet, where they met obstinate locals but ultimately didn’t learn much. This happens at two different planets in Root of All Rage, making much of the book feel like a banal retread.

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Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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