Star Trek Book Club Year In Review for 2018

I’ve own the domain since September of 2003, but have not had the ability, nor the willpower to really make much of it.  There was a time where it was just a list of books, then I tried posting Star Trek images, but that didn’t make much sense considering the url.  I didn’t want to let it sit fallow any longer, and thus in late 2017 I decided that I needed to actually do something with the site that made sense and I could share without much shame with the wider Star Trek community.  2,000 books later, here’s the site ready for it’s first year in review!
There were a number of new books this year, at least 28, but real interesting thing of note was that Star Trek: Discovery finally started to get some books.  The most popular post on the site was an announcement that a large bundle of books had been sent in and were being added as sources to the site, largely helped by the fact I submitted it to reddit.
There’s only been two comments this year, largely due to the lack of commentable content, normal posts are pushing people off site to author sites or review sites.  Speaking of reviews, there were 127 reviews linked to for 2018, most are from Trek Lit Reviews or Deep Space Spines, both of whom are churning through Trek books at an impressive rate, and god bless them for their dedication to the franchise.
Considering 2017 was the first real year that there was any honest content on the site, I’m somewhat surprised that there’s only been a slight uptick in page views, 2018 had 4,861 page views, with 2017 having 4,259.  Sure there’s a possibility that sometime in the next week and a half a post will hit it big and bring over some massive spikes, but that’s still not likely.
Looking toward 2019, I have another massive project to start with STBC, previously I didn’t realize that every version of a book gets it’s own ISBN number and some versions of the stories have no ISBN at all (amazon audiobooks, etc), so I’ve come up with a plan to get all this data moved into a system that makes sense.  This means that I’ll have to go back through and edit every single book, yay?  I’m also going to work on getting more author links added to the respective pages and then figure out how to manage book covers, like who’s on the cover, who the artists are, and maybe there’s other details that can be saved that are useful?  Just those three lines likely represents about 200 hours of eye straining work!
There should be a comment form below this post and I’m always paranoid that people aren’t commenting because they can’t comment.
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