Kevin Lauderdale on Enterprising Individuals

Kevin Lauderdale was recently featured on Enterprising Individuals:

Be careful with your cordrazine this week as we jump into The City on the Edge of Forever! Author, poet, essayist, and podcaster Kevin Lauderdale joins us for a look at what is arguably the most famous Star Trek episode of all time! We talk the power chords of Trek storytelling, the value of a good editor, staying on Harlan Ellison’s good side, the possibility of Scotty dealing drugs, and whether or not Edith Keeler must die! It’s the best Outer Limits story written by the self-proclaimed “most contentious person on Earth”! I have a mouth and I must scream, “Listen to this episode”!

Check out Kevin Lauderdale’s books on their author page!

Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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