Dave Stern on Enterprising Individuals

enterprising individuals 1024x266 Dave Stern on Enterprising Individuals

Dave Stern was recently featured on Enterprising Individuals:

It’s a Q-led exploration of regret and second chances this week as we get in a fight with Tapestry! Author and former Star Trek Pocket Books editor Dave Stern joins us for a look at the life of Captain Picard as he experiences an near-death opportunity to Scrooge up his past for better or for worse! We talk adapting the vocabulary of cinema to television, nuanced Q as the best Q, the dilemma of two irreconcilable “goods”, and the genius of Ronald D. Moore. Plus, we reference Westworld, Stranger Things, and score a hat trick of Star Wars references! Possibly counterproductive!

Check out Dave Stern’s books on his author page!

no profile Dave Stern on Enterprising Individuals
Author: Adam Selvidge

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