Author Sighting: James Swallow interview on for “Star Trek: Discovery: Fear Itself”


swallow dscfearitselfinterview head 300x169 Author Sighting: James Swallow interview on for Star Trek: Discovery: Fear Itself

James Swallow was recently featured on for and interview about his upcoming book “Star Trek: Discovery: Fear Itself“:

On Tuesday, the third Star Trek: Discovery tie-in novel arrives. Fear Itself is focused on the character of Saru, and takes place on the USS Shenzhou prior to the events of the pilot episode of the series. TrekMovie talked to the novel’s author James Swallow – a veteran writer of many Star Trek and other tie-ins and video games – about Fear Itself and how he got inside the head of our favorite Kelpien.

Check out James Swallow’s books on his author page!

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