Peter David in major trouble with American Government Agency

Peter David, one of the most prolific writers of Star Trek books, suggests that he has issues with the Internal Revenue Service, all due to the misdeeds of a past relation. He says on his website:

Many years ago I had a television series on the air called “Space Cases.” And I made a lot of money that year. I mean a lot. And I had a ton of money sitting in my bank account ready to send to the IRS on April 15th. It was all good.

And then the day that I was going to send the check, I swung by the nearest ATM to withdraw some cash and was astounded to see that half the money in my account was gone. Why was it gone? Because my then wife withdrew it in order to pay for a divorce lawyer, which was how I found out my marriage was dissolving. So the money never went to the IRS because I had to use the remainder to hire my own attorney.

He requests that if you have the means, please visit his Go Fund Me page and help him out of the problem that he’s found himself in.

Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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