Peter David Hospitalized (updated)

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Peter David‘s wife has made a post on his website:

What we do know that Peter is in the hospital with severe leg weakness. He can’t walk and even standing is dicey.

This all started this past Saturday when he had to go to the hospital because he could not stand on his left foot due to ankle pain. It was diagnosed as a sprain. It was wrapped up and he was sent home with crutches.

Sunday he could barely move and standing was agony for him.

Monday he couldn’t even stand and that’s when he went back to the hospital where he has been the past couple of days where the Doctors are doing their best House impressions trying to figure out what is going on.

I wish him the best, head over to his site to read more, she mentions a couple ways you can help directly!


UPDATE: He’s much more stable and will likely be home for the holiday.

Adam Selvidge
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