“Star Trek: The Next Generation: I, Q” Review by Joshuaedelglass.com

Joshuaedelglass.com has added a new review for and ‘s “Star Trek: The Next Generation: I, Q”:

I haven’t been writing much about Star Trek novels on this site lately. That’s because I haven’t been reading many! I seem to have gotten somewhat soured on the whole enterprise (see what I did there?) after Paramount and Simon & Schuster put the kibbosh on the past two decades of the Star Trek “lit-verse” — the vast continuity of stories from the novels. This was done because the novels were out of continuity with the recent Picard series. I think it’s a shame, and my drive to buy and read new Trek novels is currently at a low ebb. But a few months ago I found my way to I, Q, a novel written by Peter David that I’d missed from back in 2000! It was fun to read.

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Adam Selvidge
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