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Star Trek: The Motion Picture – ‘Echoes’ Issue #3 is out now from IDW Publishing. The series continues the story of Admiral Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise shortly after the events of the film. It’s taken this era on a much more action-packed adventure. Full of doppelgängers, Bajoran orbs, and some thrilling bits of espionage along the Neutral Zone. To be honest, it’s been a lovely read thus far. As a five-issue miniseries, Echoes’ Issue #3 is supposed to do a lot of work to set the scene for the finale. From the epic second issue, it’s got to pick up from Chekov’s injury, Akris’ scheming with the Romulans, and Uhura’s doppelgänger going rogue. So how does the series move past these and build up to the final showdown?

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Adam Selvidge
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