One heck of a Goodwill haul!

Huge lot for just $50 with only one non-Trek book and about 90% of them were brand new to my library.

Two of them have these giant stickers on the front, which are great ephemera but I don’t really want to see them on the cover.  Removing them is a mistake though, because as I found out, the adhesive underneath has aged into a gooey mess that I’m going to struggle to get off completely.

The one non-Trek book was TekLords the second in a series of books written by noted Star Trek actor / author William Shatner.  There were at least 10 books written, one television series, several television movies, and several  comic book series.  I’ve never read the books, but I have seen most of the tv show and all the comics.  The tv stuff hasn’t aged as well as the written content, they went somewhat heavy on some special effects that were pretty rough even at the time.  What’s cool about this is that the book came with a receipt for it’s original purchase in 1991 !


A collection wrapup with one of my cats, his name is Miles and he really enjoys just sitting around staring at me.

Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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