New Star Trek Book: “Star Trek: Prodigy: Supernova”

no cover New Star Trek Book: Star Trek: Prodigy: Supernova

Star Trek: Prodigy: Supernova by has been added to the Star Trek Book Club! There’s no official cover yet, so keep an eye on the book page for updates!

Star Trek: Prodigy is a brand-new animated series streaming on Paramount+ and soon to air on Nickelodeon! In this middle grade adventure based on the Star Trek: Prodigy video game, Dal and Gwyn must rescue their missing crewmates.

When the Protostar crash-lands in a peculiar star system, the crew ends up separated and Dal and Gwyn must work together to find their missing crewmates. They don’t have much time, though: the nearby star is destabilized and in danger of creating a supernova. Then Dal and Gwyn discover evil droids patrolling the area, and they look just like the Watchers back in Tars Lamora. How will Dal and Gwyn confront this nightmare from their past…and prevent an explosion in their near future?

The book is currently scheduled to be published on January 17, 2023

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