RIP Eaglemoss

Noted part-work publisher Eaglemoss has reportedly filed for Administration and have taken down their webstore.  They’ve been around for a considerable time, at least since the mid 1970’s, and they’ve published thousands of magazines and books, a large portion of them being Star Trek related, with over 180 entries in the main line of their Star Trek Starships Collection that I first subscribed to in 2013 and 140 issues of the hardcover Star Trek comic book collection, a series that I personally only started about a year ago when Rich Handley mentioned they were done making new ones.

Having subscribed for only a year, I had to ask that nearly every shipment from them be reshipped, as they were shipping four hardcover books loose in a box, so they would obviously be pretty damaged by the time they arrived to me.  Then the inevitable reship would be sent exactly the same way, so it was only complete luck if any of the books actually made it to me without half inch dings in the spine or crushed corners.

it’s a sad ending for a good company that had great products, the general consensus is that the pandemic did them in, but if I were to point at any one thing, it’s the lack of quality control in shipping.  The kitty litter I get from Chewy is better packed for half the price and twice the weight!

Hopefully those of us with outstanding orders with them will see the products, and someone will pick up the company and it’s licenses and continue on the part work subscriptions that were still ongoing.

Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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