ComicMix will sell an UNLICENSED book of “lost” DR. SEUSS short stories now in the PUBLIC DOMAIN!

Well, this story suddenly got interesting again! Last October, I reported on the sudden and unexpected settlement of the half-decade copyright infringement lawsuit filed by DR. SEUSS ENTERPRISES…

Jonathan Lane has been reporting on this whole thing since the entire fiasco started, if you go back through the posts here or there, you’ll see the entire store, it’s about 10,000 words that boil down to a disagreement on what exactly “fair use” means and what concepts a single corporation can claim it holds ownership over. IMHO it’s fine hair to split that would have been easier to manage if they had gotten permission from two of the most litigious and IP strict companies in entertainment. They fought the good fight and after one of the creators died from cancer they reached an agreement to drop the lawsuits and the book would not be published.


While everyone was investigating the ins and outs of who owns what, the ComicMix folks discovered several stories written by Dr Seuss before he took that penname that never had their copyright renewed, so now they’re open to anyone to use, reprint, or most importantly, remix with whatever they think they can get away with.

Adam Selvidge
Author: Adam Selvidge

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