The Ultimate Guide To Star Trek

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On The Cover: ISBN-10: 1547857552
ISBN-13: 978-1547857555
Length: 96
Published On: 2021-08-21
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Foreword: The Enduring Optimism of Star Trek • GENE RODDENBERRY’S DREAM FOR THE future confronted bigotry, the generation gap, colonialism and war—all in the form of an intelligent multicultural and multispecies band of interstellar explorers. And 55 years later, here we are: still watching Starfleet crews boldly go where no one has gone before.

The Original Series | Opener

The Original Series | A Bold New Vision • Sure, the original series showcased alien babes in tinfoil bikinis. But it was also the first TV drama to take space travel seriously. And it hooked fans with its utopian vision of a united humanity exploring the stars.

The Original Series | The Creator’s Tale • WHEN WE THINK OF GENE RODDENBERRY, most of us assume that his career began with Star Trek. But if it had not been for the stranger-than-fiction life he led before creating the show—an incredible string of character-defining events that included wartime heroism and hairy brushes with death—he never would have had his dazzlingly inventive sci-fi vision.

The Original Series | Star Trek in 10 Objects • FIFTY-FIVE YEARS OF INNOVATION—AND, OCCASIONALLY, PROGNOSTICATION—CONDENSED: The show’s sets, props, costumes and technology redefined the genre and in some cases have even inspired science to catch up with fiction.

The Original Series | How Lucy Saved the Future • GENE RODDENBERRY’S QUIRKY little sci-fi drama found an unlikely champion in comedy queen Lucille Ball. Even after production costs ballooned and the first pilot bombed, the famous redhead steadfastly stood behind the show.

The Original Series | The Lost Decade • Although NBC canceled his show, Roddenberry wasn’t about to give up. And neither were the fans: Their letter-writing campaigns, spirited marches and Star Trek Lives! conventions turned the tide.

The Original Series | How the Vulcan Greeting Came to Be • SPOCK’S ICONIC GESTURE DOESN’T APPEAR UNTIL SEASON 2, when he makes a visit to his home planet. But today it’s one of pop culture’s most enduring symbols. The inspiration? A sacred ritual young Nimoy spied in his Boston synagogue

The Motion Picture | Opener

The Motion Picture | Life on the Big Screen • The cast reunites for six (mostly) good movies, launched at warp speed. Kirk & Co. face some baddies (Khan, Khan’s chest), capture some whales and meet a false God. At the end, though, their engine stalls.

The Motion Picture | Keeping Up with the Cardassians (and all the other species) • SOME OF THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS INTRODUCED IN TOS are genuinely alien: the rocklike Horta, the energy-based Medusans. Others are humanoid and often function as a commentary on some aspect of humanity.

The Motion Picture | What’s Next in Fashion • VELOUR TUNICS, BODY-HUGGING JUMPSUITS, MINISKIRTS: Give Starfleet a hand for dressing its officers in the wildest uniforms this side of the Swiss Guard. The original Trek reflects the influence of ‘60s style, with uniforms inspired by the pop-art era. When it hit the big screen, Trek style evolved in a less flashy, more militaristic direction. Blame it on Reagan.

The Second Generation | Opener

The Second Generation | Next Gen: An Oral History • Roddenberry’s Trek sequel kicked off a blistering 28-year mission: four movies, three more TV series and an explosion in first-run syndicated TV. Here’s the genesis of the show that (re)started it all

The Second Generation | Memorable Guest Stars • DURING ITS 55-YEAR RUN, STAR TREK FEATURED hundreds of diverse performers, from actual astronauts (Edward Michael Fincke, Mae Jemison, Terry Virts) and rock stars (Mick Fleetwood and Iggy Pop) to established actors like Whoopi Goldberg in recurring guest spots. Here are just some of the faces that stand out.