The Trekker’s Guide to Deep Space Nine: Complete, Unauthorized, and Uncensored

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Published by:
ISBN-10: 0761505741
ISBN-13: 978-0761505747
Length: 288
Published On: 1997-09-03

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If you’re a Trekker, you’ve logged some serious time on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. But have you caught every episode? Can you recount every major story arc? Do you know the characters’ backgrounds—and those of the actors? Can you recite Ferengi Rule of Acquisition 76? If not, then you need this book!

Put your Trekker expertise to the test with this pop quiz.

• Most episodes of DS9 cost around $1.5 million. For what landmark episode did the producers double the usual budget to $3 million?
• According to the star date system of time, when did the Big Bang occur?
• Without the wormhole, how long would a journey from the Alpha Quandrant to the Gamma Quadrant take?
• Which actor can count among his uncles a former prime minister and famous actor Malcom McDowell (whose credits include the move Star Trek: Generations)?
• Which actor was formerly a professor teaching theater at Rutgers University?
• How often has Q, the meddlesome, mischievous, omnipotent being, darkened the portals of DS9?
• How did the episode “Way of the Warrior” change the series— and who joined the crew of Deep Space Nine?

Veteran Trekker Hal Schuster tells all here. Episode by episode, he recounts the stars, writers, directors, plots, and SNAFUs. He explains how the series was created, how it has changed, and where it’s headed. With biographies of the actors and their characters, a Star Trek timeline, a Trekker’s guide to the Internet, and much more, this is the ultimate guide to Deep Space Nine—totally uncensored, intricately detailed, and utterly fascinating.