Star Trek: Voyager: Unworthy

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On The Cover: ISBN-10: 1439103984
ISBN-13: 978-1439103982
Length: 384
Published On: 2009-09-29

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In the climactic conclusion to the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy the greatest menace to the galaxy, the Borg, were absorbed into the Caeliar gestalt — with one exception, Seven of Nine, who finds herself trapped in a half existence, neither drone nor human. Seven agrees to join Chakotay, the former captain of the USS Voyager, to rendezvous with the ships that Starfleet Command has sent into the Delta Quadrant and see if they can solve the mystery of the Caeliar’s disappearance. In a region of space which has lived in fear of instant annihilation, Voyager is charged with reaching out to possible allies and resolving old enmities. But these are not the friendly stars of the Federation, and out here the unknown and the unexpected cannot be dealt with by standard Starfleet protocols.