Star Trek: Discovery- The Official Starships Collection #27 U.S.S. Zimmerman NCC-1616

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Published On: 2020-05-27

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U.S.S. Zimmerman NCC-1616 was a The Federation tug that was used by the Federation Starfleet in the 23rd-century. It was equipped with tractor beams for towing starships. Two of such ships were dispatched to tow the U.S.S. Enterprise to a repair facility after it was badly damaged attempting to scan the red bursts. Although the tugs seen onscreen did not have registries or names, Alex Kurtzman assigned the name for this model for the Star Trek Discovery Official Starship Collection.

This fantastic Star Trek die-cast U.S.S. Zimmerman NCC-1616 model recreates the starship as seen in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. It was designed using parts of several ship-classes: primary hull from the Malachowski-class, the nacelles from the Hoover-class, and the pylon components from the Walker-class.

U.S.S. Zimmerman NCC-1616 comes with a16-page full-colour magazine. The magazine includes a profile of the starship, original production art and details of its design evolution.