Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection XL #4 Enterprise NX-01

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On The Cover: Published On: 2017-10-21

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The Enterprise NX-01 was a NX-class starship in service of the United Earth Starfleet in the mid-22nd century. When the Enterprise was launched in 2151, she was the prototype of a new class of cruisers and was under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer. Her historic mission led to many first contacts and laid the groundwork for what would become the United Federation of Planets.

Enterprise NX-01 starship cast in high-quality materials and carefully painted by hand to provide incredible detail. The model measures 8.5 inches long bringing every aspect to a more significant scale and taken directly from the Lightwave CG models that were used in the Star Trek TV series to ensure an astonishing level of accuracy and detail.

Complete with anexclusive 20-page magazine containing a detailed profile of Captain Archer’s Enterprise, the vessel that started Earth’s exploration of the Galaxy and laid the foundations for the United Federation of Planets.  Plus read how the art department designed a new ship that had more detail than anything that had come before but still looked older than Kirk’s ship.