Star Trek: Sarek

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On The Cover: ISBN-10: 0743403746
ISBN-13: 978-0743403740
Length: 416
Published On: 2000-08-01

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Crispin ( Star Trek: Yesterday’s Son ) has packed everything a die-hard Trekkie could want into this lighthearted romp with characters from the original series. Spock’s father Sarek must uncover the origins of a plot to defame the Vulcans, for the dastardly scheme is only the first step in a plan to destroy the Federation. Needless to say, all of Sarek’s respected diplomatic skills are needed to combat the villains. But Sarek is torn between doing his duty to the Federation or forsaking his beloved human wife Amanda, who is on her deathbed. Several subplots, including an interspecies romance between Kirk’s nephew Peter and a Klingon girl add spice to the galactic stew. A lagniappe (for those readers who don’t mind heavy sentimentality) is the addition of Amanda’s journals, which are full of exotic details about life on Vulcan and heartfelt recollections of Sarek’s and Spock’s lives. Most of the best-loved characters put in appearances, and there are some amusing variations on the better known “trademark” lines. A rather jarring twist results when the normally repressed Spock becomes excessively emotional about his mother’s demise. Though the plot ties up as neatly and simplistically as it would in a TV episode, this piece of fluff should be roundly loved by its target audience.