Return To Tomorrow

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Creature Features Publishing presents a legendary, long-lost Making-Of movie book: RETURN TO TOMORROW: The Filming of Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Preston Neal Jones.

RETURN TO TOMORROW is a stunningly detailed and candid oral history, going behind the scenes of one of the most famous films not only in Star Trek history, but all of science fiction and cinema.

In 1979, Preston Neal Jones was given unparalleled access to the cast and creators of Star Trek: The Motion Picture for what was intended to be a cover story for Cinefantastique magazine. Owing to the late completion of the film and ambitious scope of the manuscript, it was never published—until now.

This book is a priceless time capsule, a 672-page oral history in the words of sixty of the film’s cast and creators, interviewed as the film was being prepared for release—and nobody had any idea if it would succeed or even be finished on time.

From the stars (William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and the entire cast) to the filmmakers (Gene Roddenberry, Robert Wise) to the brilliant visual effects artists, illustrators, model builders and technicians who realized the 23rd century on screen (costumes, sets, props, models, music, sound FX and more), no aspect of the film’s creation is overlooked.

The entire manuscript has been laboriously fact-checked and prepared for modern publication, while retaining all of the candid comments from 35 years ago. The gorgeous cover art is the original painting by Roger Stine intended for Cinefantastique, courtesy the Daren R. Dochterman Collection.

Go behind the scenes of this pivotal sci-fi masterwork and hear the unvarnished, uncensored truth of how it was created.