Eaglemoss Graphic Novel Collection #133: Star Trek: T’Priell Revealed

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Published On: 2020-10-08

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Marvel Comics’ Starfleet Academy nears its final issues, and Cadet Nog and Omega Squad, having exposed a Dominion plot by visiting the forbidden planet of Talos IV, face a Federation death penalty for violating General Order 7. Ambassador Spock represents the cadets in court, but can he prevent Starfleet from executing the youths? This volume collects issues #11–16, from writer Chris Cooper, presenting a complex coming-of-age tale about love, death, bigotry, acceptance, friendship, and deceit.

As a bonus, this volume also presents two outlines for unpublished Trek comics from writer-artist Kenneth Penders: Star Trek: The Lessons of Life, a Sarek-centric graphic novel Penders had proposed to Marvel and then WildStorm, with actor Mark “Sarek” Lenard as his collaborator, and Star Trek: The Devil Kirk, a one-shot he’d intended to write and illustrate himself. Neither story saw the light of day, but Penders has graciously agreed to let fans read what he and Lenard had in mind.