Delta Quadrant: The Unofficial Guide to Voyager

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On The Cover: ISBN-10: 0753504367
ISBN-13: 978-0753504369
Length: 336
Published On: 2000-05-01

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No one can avoid noticing the way Star Trek has gripped the imagination of more than one generation. From it a worldwide phenomenon of “Trekkies” has evolved. Voyager is the latest stage in the Star Trek chronicle, and it is hugely successful.Delta Quadrant is unique, as it is the first Voyager episode guide to be published. This comprehensive book is the essential companion to every Star Trek Voyager viewer. It examines each episode in detail, explaining technical terms and drawing the reader’s attention to puzzles inconsistencies. The highlights of each episode discussed and the author provides a commet that is authoritative and informed, yet simultnously witty and opinionated. As a result of David’s contacts, some of the not interesting (and not widely-available) which gives us a rare insider’s perspective. A “must” for every Star Trek fan.